Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Revolution of Crystal Dreams

This was freshly made just now. I gave the Crystal Dreams bracelet to my friend, Lan, but the bracelet kept falling apart. Because the STS wire was too soft so the closed loop became loose. Therefore, I made her another bracelet, it is a revolution of that bracelet, what I did was just close up the wire in a more secure way. So if the bracelet falls apart again, it would be her that has to be blamed not me :P

Well, as Lan likes rose quartz, I actually included some of them in the bracelet, and fluorites as well. I hope she'll like the replacement ^o^

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Autumn Passion

I'm back to renew my blog. Well, I haven't had much free times recently due to my degree course. I spend half of my day in the lab doing practical, follow by the reports I have to write over the weekends, so really have no mood to do anything at nights.

However, I managed to finish this necklace for my mother just now. I have just received the STS chains by post today, so just quickly made this. This was for autumn, but it's already winter (Don't say I'm wrong cos it's freezing outside!)

I have taken 2 pictures of this necklace, the round disks are really big. So, a very chunky look of this necklace if worn. Actually, I got these beads from Buffy's Beads in Kingly Court, London. There are a lot of gemstones you can choose from, and at reasonable prices.

I'm going out to Chinatown tomorrow with my friends to celebrate my birthday. Well, my birthday is actually on Friday, but I usually going back to Basildon in the evening. So, we celebrate earlier.

Sunday, 4 November 2007


I just made this set for my flatmate, her birthday was last Friday. But as I was very busy on that day, I couldn't get around to celebrate her birthday. So, I just use a bit of my time to make this today. As I have one report to hand in and a Japanese test tomorrow, I didn't spend too much times in this. The earrings were simple to make as I mentioned before, the clover pendant wasn't complicated as well.


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