Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New York Cheesecake

If you read my blog regularly then you know I always bake cheesecakes.
I've been adventurous & tried to make various desserts & cakes in the past two months.
I've enjoyed baking & eating, also taking nice food photos.
I then left the cakes & food to my family & friends, my mum didn't like some of them unfortunately.
So, I decided to cheer her up with her all time favourite - a cheesecake!
This is a classic baked cheesecake but it's amazing!
Smooth & creamy yet tangy & refreshing.
You'll love it!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Chocolate & Hazelnut Meringue Cake

I baked this lovely chocolate cake before going to Wales. 
I was so excited about the trip so I didn't get to share this on my blog.
Sometimes when you see a recipe you know you have to make it.
This was one of those, but I totally forgot I have saved this recipe so I would bake it next time.
The problem with my ever growing library, I just have too many recipes on my baking list & I can only make one at a time.

I saw the recipe from a good looking chinese website.
I then found out the recipe is originated from Martha Stewart.
I guess everyone knows who she is:)
I've purchased an iPad app 'Martha Stewart Makes Cookies' when it's on offer, it is gorgeous!
Though I haven't tried any of the recipe, it's fun browsing the pages & seeing the videos.

Back to the cake, the cake is flourless, rich & smooth.
I baked the meringue a bit longer as I wanted a crispy topping to add contrast with the soft & smooth chocolate cake.
It tasted divine & I was happy to have tried it out :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Travelling to Wales

Walking along seaside from Swansea to Mumbles.
Drank a mocha while waiting for my brother, we went to Caswell Bay for a walk.
The next day, we drove from Swansea to Snowdonia National Park, across the valley, across the seaside into the wood.

At dawn, we waited for the sun to rise at Barmouth.

After breakfast, we started a new journey to the north & drove pass a beautiful & quiet lake.
Arriving at Llanberis, we walked over an elevation of 1000m to Snowdon Summit, one place closer to heaven.

Some useful links to anyone planning to visit Snowdonia:
All photographs are taken by Yue & all rights reserved.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Glimmering Night in Prague

Prague Castle at Night
My friend & I went on a trip to Prague in the early October.
We booked the tickets & accommodation through easyJet & got on the plane from London.
We went out almost every night taking photos all over Prague.
The apartment we stayed was within walking distance to the central of the city.
There are many nice things to see & do all over.
Old Town Square
My first night in Prague was amazing.
We had a fabulous meal at a Czech restaurant before the puppet show ‘Don Giovanni’ which I had booked through National Marionette Theatre.
The show was played in Czech but if you know the story you would follow & be definitely amused.
Scenes from 'Don Giovanni'
After the show, we went for a nice walk along Charles Bridge where I caught my first sight off the stunning illuminated buildings along the river.
Lights on Charles Bridge
On the way back to the apartment, we also saw many stunning buildings.
Charles Bridge at Night
Powder Gate at Night 
It was a perfect night to start my visit to Prague.

Some useful links to anyone planning to visit Prague:

All photographs are taken by Yue & all rights reserved.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Over the Weekend

I was busy planning the trip to Prague so I didn't have time to update the blog last week.
I've come back to England 2 days ago & I've so many things to sort out.
The photos & notes I took throughout the trip which I'll tell you later.
From now, I'm sharing a few recipes which I've tried over the weekend almost 2 weeks ago.
I baked some green tea financiers & vanilla semifreddo with espresso.
We had dinner at Strada italian restaurant & we ordered nougat semifreddo with espresso for dessert.
It was great so I wanted to try if I can make it.
I've found some recipes & almost all of them uses raw eggs so I decided to write up my own.
It's simpler & yet delicious!
As for the financiers, I bought a silicone mould from the trip to Calais & I haven't tried making financiers before.
I wasn't sure how financier should be like but I like the matcha flavour.
The sakura looks great too.


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