Saturday, 6 April 2013

Chocolate Torta with Chocolate & Coffee Ganache

It was my sister Kelly's birthday so I wanted to make her a mascarpone mousse cake filled with fresh raspberry.
However, the supermarket closest to my place wasn't open on Easter Sunday.
Instead I baked this decadently dark chocolate torta with the bittersweet chocolate & coffee sauce.
The recipe is adapted from Willie's Chocolate Bible which has been in my collection over 2 years now.
I absolutely adore this cookbook as it includes a variety of savoury & sweet recipes for chocolate but I had to say this is the first time I've baked something from it.

This italian chocolate torta is heavenly smooth & chocolatey, simply divine.
It's very rich so I would suggest you to have it in smaller slices.
When ready to serve, make yourself a nicely brew coffee.
If you're not a coffee lover, tangy fruit tea is also a good choice which will ease the richness.
Now, have a small bite & let the chocolate torta slowly melt in your mouth, enjoy the velvet texture & allow your palate to take in the flavour.
Take a sip of the hot coffee/tea, sigh with satisfaction & enjoy the rest of the day.


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