Saturday, 5 April 2014

Just to say hi.... with a recipe

 Hello readers.

I’ve been away from baking & blogging for a while as I’m writing up my thesis for my Ph.D.
I'm not even halfway yet with my writing…
Writing up is such a long & boring process, sometimes I wish someone can write it up for me, which is totally impossible...
To break it from my boring writing, I thought I should update the blog & let you know that I haven’t abandoned this site.
Just that I can only focus at my thesis, it’s probably one of the most important piece of writing in my life.
I hope next time when I blog, I would already submit my thesis :)

Also a quick update of the recipe, I baked this for my niece’s 1st birthday in early February.
It’s gorgeous yet simple & easy to bake.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Cookbook is now LIVE from iBookstore!

If you have followed me on Facebook, you might have already known that I was working on my cookbook "Everyday Desserts" in the past few months.
It is now LIVE and selling in all major markets around the world.

I always wanted to self-publish a cookbook with photographs & recipes that I like, & it'd been a great challenge for me.
The photographs & recipes have already been published in this blog so I'm releasing it completely FREE.
Unfortunately, it is exclusively for iPad because it was created using the free Apple software - iBook Author.
When the software was first released, I was inspired to make the cookbook.
It's been a lot of hard work as I'm also finishing my Ph.D in September.
I'll not update the blog too often but I'll be happy to answer any questions on emails or here.

Please take a look & let me know if you like it :)

Here's the link:

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Scenes from Lake District & Orange Cheesecake for Summer

Recipe! I've finally got some times in the kitchen for cakes.
I've been away & also quite busy after the trip to Turin.
I went to Lake District for a short break with my family about a month ago.
Take a look at the videos I've made using the Animoto app.
It's a glimpse of the paradise, aren't the scenes beautiful?



Now it's July & it's summer, finally.
Everytime when I want to bake, chocolate is my top list.
As the sunshine finally out of the clouds in UK, I think it's time to have a more summery treat.
A chilled orange cheesecake, not so difficult to make & it will make a great dessert for barbecue.


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