Friday, 22 March 2013


March supposed to be spring time but in London the weather is freezing cold.
My mum's birthday and mother's day are in March so we always celebrate together.
For this reason, I flipped through a few cookbooks & wrote down a recipe even though I didn't feel like baking recently.
To suit my mum's taste bud, I made this entremet with crunchy streusel, nutty praline genoise, tangy raspberry jelly & smooth cream cheese mousse.
This combo turned out wonderfully well, almost everyone had 2 slices to be satisfied.

The recipe is adapted from a chinese cookbook "Japan Cake Boutique", I switched the almond genoise to praline & also added the raspberry jelly.
The cake is different from the cookbook so I renamed it 'Cadeau', meaning gift/present in French.
Tie a ribbon for the cake & it's a pretty present :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

M for Madeleines

Amongst those small cakes, my all time favourite is the buttery French madeleine.
Ever since Jenny baked some madeleines at home, I fell in love with the moist & crumbly textures.
Madeleines are easy to make & all the ingredients are in my cupboard.
There are 3 flavours: earl grey, cranberries & chocolate.
My favourite is certainly the chocolate flavour.
Which one is yours?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Oriental Soya Cookies

I just moved out from the flat I had lived for 2 years & I'm living with my sister who just started working in London.
To be honest, I have no idea how things will be with her after all I don't have much experience living with family since I stay in UK.

I don't have time to manage the blog, so I'll keep it updated very slowly…
Moreover, I don't have the energy to bake anything complicated but simple cakes & cookies.

These oriental cookies are made of soya flour, the recipe is simple & I have all the ingredients in my cupboard.
The cookies are delicious & crunchy.


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