Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Orange Ricotta Cheesecake

It is the season of citrus fruits, no wonder there're a lot of recipes making use of it. 
Here comes another cheesecake, I'm not bored yet with cheesecakes & I hope you're not too. 
This time I used ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese which I always use, the texture is different as expected but the cheesecake is soft & heavenly smooth, topping with sweet yet tangy caramel oranges.  

What this recipe attracted me the most was the caramel orange with Grand Marnier. 
Ever since I pickled cherries with red wine, I've been attracted in using alcohols & wines for cakes. 
I'm also craving for caramel recently, so I thought this is a wonderful combination when i read through 'Food & Travel' magazine. 
I don't always buy food magazine as I prefer books with great photographs.
It doesn't mean that those magazine is not good, actually they're great, it tells you what's in season & certainly many inspirations indeed.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Spice, Carrot & Honey

Autumn is the perfect time for warm & rich desserts, so I baked a spiced carrot & walnut cheesecake served with warm spiced honey syrup.
Yes, another cheesecake!
This is my 20th recipe for a cheesecake in this blog :)
I'm obsessed with cheesecake recently, all down to the simplicity to bake them. 
And yet the most challenging & interesting is to be creative & adventurous with flavours.
The flavours with cheesecake are endless.
When I came across this recipe from another fabulous cookery book from Australian Women's Weekly, I was thrilled not to try this.
A chewy carrot cake with a creamy, spiced cheesecake filling & a refreshingly warm honey syrup make this cheesecake so special.
It definitely fulfils my craving of autumn taste, warm, fragrant & rich with tangy & refreshing honey.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Jewellery & Muffins

I haven't been very productive recently, especially in making jewellery.
I don't know what to make & bake, sometimes simply not in the mood to.
But I keep up with making muffins as I have muffins for breakfast.
I don't always post the recipe for muffins as I use the same recipe again, with a little variations, like using different fruits, spice, tea, coffee or cocoa.
I just have to post these raspberry & apple muffins, it's soft, moist & sweet.
I got inspired by a new book I bought from WH Smith, it was on sale for only £6.
I was stunned by the price & I quickly grabbed one before it sells out.
It's a great book, packed with great photos & lots of inspirations!
I couldn't wait to try out the recipe of coffee & caramel muffins for my next week breakfast :)


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