Saturday, 29 September 2012

Earl Grey Poached Pear Entremets

I realised I haven't made entremets & mousse cakes for a few months now.
Making delicate & pretty entremets is one of my passion in baking.
It feels amazing the moment I finish the decoration, take a photograph, then taste it, and of course to share the joy with you here.

Have you noticed whenever I make entremets I like to combine different flavours & ingredients?
The most recent one was poire vin blanc using white wine poached pears & caramel, then chocolate & passionfruit.
I'm lack of inspirations recently, instead I like to bake some simple & delicious snacks.
Last week I was craving for pear mousse cake & pear is certainly one of my favourite fruit.
 I decided to bake these earl grey poached pear entremets using the recipe of oolong & asian pear entremets.
It's simply delicious, the mousse is light yet fragrantly rich & the taste nicely balances with the rich chocolate brownie base.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Sweet Potato Cheesecake with Streusel

Can't believe it's the 5th year of this blog.
In the beginning, the blog was begun as a journal for my handmade jewellery.
Then, I started to bake & soon addicted to it.
After getting a micro 4/3 GF1 camera, I had learnt a lot when I used it & so did the baking.
However, after getting the expensive Fuji x-pro 1 camera a few months ago, I haven't been taking photographs & baking very often.
Mainly because my Ph.D is now in final year, I get busy with research & feel more stress.
At weekend, I prefer to rest & not doing anything... but I bake sometimes, then I will update the blog.

Happy weekend :)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cranberry Caramel Madeleines

Hi all, I have to apologise for my absence for the last few weeks.
I was injured on a hiking trip in Wales & took a week resting.
After that, I'm busy with my Ph.D project so I don't really have time for baking & I'll do my best to keep this blog running.

I've never used a madeleine pan to bake madeleines… because I didn't think there's a need for it.
However, when Jenny baked some vanilla madeleines at home, I couldn't forget the moist & crumbly madeleines when they're freshly baked.
So, I decided baked some myself & continued my obsession with caramel I've baked some caramel madeleines using Pierre Hermé's recipe.
The recipe requires inverted sugar which retains moisture & softness.
However, I didn't bother with that & used honey instead.
Also, I didn't have dried apricot so I used dried cranberries soaked in Kirsch.
The madeleines are tender & moist. Yummy!


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