Friday, 24 May 2013

noir plus

I'm now at Turin, Italy when updating this post.
I'm attending a science conference with my colleagues & I have 2 days conference so I'll have some times walking around the town.

I had a long weekend break & took the chance to make some entremets.
I was craving for chocolate so I decided to make the chocolate mousse & coffee creme brûlée from "Top10名师的50道人气蛋糕技术教本" (50 Popular Cakes from Top 10 Pâtissiers).
The original recipe includes a jaconde base, chocolate mousse & coffee creme brûlée.
I used a different cake base & added some caramel hazelnuts for some variations.
I made this recipe into 6 small glasses & 6 little domes.
The chocolate mousse is absolutely divine.
The rich coffee creme brûlée enhances the bitterness & sweetness of chocolate mousse which makes a great combination.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Whisky & Raspberry Cheesecake

At one weekend, I went back to Basildon as usual by train.
At the station, the train was delayed so I went to the bookshop nearby & flipped through some food magazines.
I wanted to baked a cheesecake when I got home so when I saw there was a section on cheesecake in Food & Travel.
I bought the magazine without second thought.

All the cheesecakes in the magazine seem great & I baked the easiest recipe which I omitted the baked flapjack base.
The cheesecake wasn't overly sweet, so I drizzled some honey on top & served it with some tangy raspberries.
Bon appétit!


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