Saturday, 27 October 2012

Galette Bretonne

I'm totally in love with these classic & elegant French shortbreads.
It is originated from Bretagne (Brittany) in France.
This is not a traditional recipe which just uses butter, egg & flour.
This recipe from cakechef is much more sophisticated with a thoughtful consideration of taste & texture.
The ground almond makes it even more flakier & crunchier.
I baked this recipe once without cooking rings & the biscuits turned out so crunchy & delicious.
I couldn't resist to bake again with rings so I've bought 20 cookies rings just for these buttery cookies.
I can assure you will love these cookies. 

For a little variation, I also whipped up whipping cream with lime & orange to make the syllabub.
Serve as a simple tart with the syllabub & any fruits you like.
 Enjoy with a cup of coffee :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rosy - Rose & Lychee Entremets

On the train back home, I was thinking of baking rose & strawberry streusel bars.
But, when I got home I realised my mum had throw away my rose jam.
So, I changed my mind & made these rose & lychee entremets.
You might have noticed I've already made few lychee entremets.
Yea, this is another one :P

It's a little difficult to see from the pictures but there're 5 components:
1. almond pate sablee
2. lychee jelly
3. rose white chocolate mousse
4. lychee mousse
5. lychee milk glaze

Rose & lychee is always a perfect couple & the result is satisfying.


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