Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Finally...... Raspberry & Passionfruit Tarts

Finally submitted my thesis yesterday night, though it’s not completely over, awaiting viva in a few weeks.
I have no ideas what to do for the rest of the week apart from all those writing & editing.
My mind is still about writing thesis, need something to divert my mind & focus.
I think it’s a great time to start baking again & updating my blog.

The recipe I’m sharing now is from a while back in summer.
A request from my sister, I’d asked her what she’d like to have for desserts the day before we went picking raspberries.
Cheesecake was on the list but passionfruit & raspberry tart sounded wonderful, plus it wasn't difficult to make at all.
We’ve had tart passion framboise from Laduree, it’s amazingly delicious.
Although my sister has the cookbook, it’s not at hand so I simply googled the recipe for it & found a recipe from Bertha’s blog.
Crunchy tart crust, rich yet exotic passionfruit cream & tangy raspberries, just a wonderful combination.


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