Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Zipper Pouch with Cross Stitched Flowers

Not food & baking this time, when I first decided the blog’s name, I was thinking about updating with all the things I make.
When I started this blog, I made jewellery & I opened an online shop.
Then, I got obsessed with baking & many years with recipe updates here.
Now, I bought a second-hand sewing machine on eBay to start up a new pastime, don’t know how long my passion will be with sewing, time will tell.

Small zipper pouch 7" x 5".

I tried hand stitching a make-up bag sometimes ago, never tried using a sewing machine.
I always thought it’s too complicated to learn & use, so I bought a second hand one to try out.
It's a nice machine though, Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118, I got it at a bargain price.
There're tutorials on YouTube, nice for me to learn about the machine.
Also, there’re thousands of lessons and patterns online, for a beginner like me, it’s hard to decide which project to start with.
I decided to make a little pouch to hold some makeup so I can put it in my large tote bag.
The first sewing machine project came out nicely, I also cross stitched some flowers for it.
The tutorial is from Jedi craft girl, it’s easy to follow, it’s not hard to use a sewing machine after all.
I'm planning to sew a shopper bag for my next project.
Happy sewing!


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