Wednesday 12 May 2010

Osmanthus & Asian Pear Sweet Soup

My sister has brought me 2 bags of dried osmanthus flowers from Taiwan, plus other sweeties.
I'm thinking what I can use it for, too many desserts on top of my heads.
It's traditionally used with green tea like jasmine or for Chinese traditional desserts.
It's perfect with Asian pear, so top of my list is osmanthus & Asian pear sweet soup.
Of course, if you can't find osmanthus, you can omit it, the sweet soup tastes great alone.

Sweet soup is a sweet Chinese dessert served at the end in Cantonese cuisine.
It's not just water + sugar, with herbs & ingredients, it is believed to be good for body & mind.
This sweet soup is very easy, only require Asian pear which is now available in supermarket.
However, rock sugar is only found in Chinese/Asian groceries, it is believed to be nutritionally superior to ordinary sugar & tastes better, so it is often used in Chinese cuisine.
This sweet soup is supposed to nourish lungs, resolve phlegm & disperse stagnation, relieve coughs, clear away heat.

2 Asian pears
20g rock sugar
600ml water
1tsp dried osmanthus (optional)

In a saucepan, bring water with rock sugar to boil. 
Peel & core the pear, then cut into quarters or one-eighths.
Add the pears to the water, keep boiling for 10 min.
Remove from heating, then sprinkle osmanthus on top.
Serve hot or cool.

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  1. It looks so delicate and pretty! I've seen osmanthus in the tea shop but haven't gotten around to trying it. Odd considering I love edible flowers.



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