Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Crémeux aux Framboise

I baked this cake for my friend’s birthday.
I first saw the recipe from cake chef, which is a Japanese website showcasing Japanese patisserie.
It’s called Cremeux, meaning creamy & smooth.
The cake is composed of 3 layers: almond genoise, white chocolate yogurt mousse & mascarpone mousse.
I really like the mascarpone mousse & white chocolate yogurt mousse combo, but I was thinking it would be overly sweet so I added a raspberry jelly layer.

I renamed this cake ‘Crémeux aux Framboise’.
The mousse is smooth & creamy, the raspberry adds a tangy freshness.
For the decoration, I wrapped the mousse ring with bubble wrap & made the cake from upside down so that the top mascarpone mousse would pick up the pattern.
It worked out really well & I simply garnished with fresh fruits.
Happy baking!

Recipe (8” square):
Genoise Blanche
180 g eggs (~3 large eggs)
70 g sugar
14 g honey
50 g plain flour
25 g corn flour
10 g butter, melted
17 g milk

Preheat oven to 160C, line a parchment paper on a baking pan.
Combine butter & milk, warm to 40C.
Combine eggs, honey & sugar in a large mixing bowl & sit over a pan of simmering water, beat with electric beater at high speed until hot then remove from heating.
Continue beating for another 8-10 min until pale & fluffy.
Fold in the flour gently.
Fold in the milk until smooth.
Bake for 15-20 min or until a skewer comes out clean.
Cool on a wired rack.
Mousse Mascarpone
250 g mascarpone
300 g whipping cream, whipped up
20 ml Grand Marnier
4 g gelatine leaves, bloomed in cold water
40 g egg yolks
70 g sugar
30 ml water

In a saucepan, combine egg yolks, sugar & water, cook over low heat to ~82C, stir constantly while heating until it becomes thick.
Remove from heating, add in the bloomed gelatine & stir to dissolve.
Fold with mascarpone, Grand Marnier, & the whipped cream.
Gelée de Framboise
250 g raspberry puree
60 g sugar
8 g gelatine leaves, bloomed in ice water
100 ml water
1 tbsp Grand Marnier

In a saucepan, heat raspberry puree, water & sugar, stir until dissolve.
Remove from heating, add the bloomed gelatine & stir to dissolve.
Add in Grand Marnier.
Mousse au Chocolat Blanc au Yogurt
200 g white chocolate
200 g natural yogurt
5.3 g gelatine leaves, bloomed in ice water
300 g whipping cream, whipped up

Melt chocolate over simmering water, fold in yogurt.
Add bloomed gelatine & stir to dissolve.
Fold with whipped cream.

Wrap a 8” square mousse ring with bubble wrap & secure with tapes.
Pour in the mascarpone mousse & refrigerate to set.
Pour in the raspberry jelly & refrigerate to set.
Pour in the white chocolate & yogurt mousse.
Cut the genoise into 8” square & place on top of the mousse.
Refrigerate to firm up ( 3 hr or overnight).
Remove carefully from the ring & decorate with fruits & sprinkles with golden lustre.


  1. Great idea for the decoration, have only seen that before for chocolate. The flavors sound great, too.

    1. this cake is really creamy, very nice indeed :)

  2. That's such a great idea to bubble wrap the ring and create the patter! The cake looks really pretty, smooth and yummy! (:

    1. thanks Jasmine, quite nice to use the bubble wrap :)
      btw, i like your new 'hello kitty' pan, cute~

  3. Great idea on the bubble wrap! I have to try it some day!! The cake sounds yummy!

    1. the cake is really nice, give it a try :)

  4. Totally agree on the bubble wrap bit - I would have never thought of it and the resultant design is actually pretty cool!

    question about the natural yogurt though - it should be sweetened or unsweetened is fine?

    1. hi Janine, i'm not sure which yogurt i used but i think either or them should be fine.

  5. Bubble wrap!!!! This is pretty cool. When I first saw your photo, I did think is this from bubble wrap?! but never really thought it was! You make most gorgeous cakes. I am not a cake maker but still always enjoy your posts very much!

    1. Hi Nami. I'm just opposite of you, you cook mouth watering food, wish I can taste them :)

  6. I have to say the same thing -- the bubble wrap decoration is so inventive! It looks beautiful!

  7. Cool... Its really a very nice Bubble wrap.

  8. that's such an innovative idea!!

    1. Ni Michelle, i like the bubble wrap, the pattern came out really well :)

  9. I find really smart the way you made the decoration of this cake!! it's a great idea and it gives a totally professional look to this delicious cake.

    You have a fantastic blog :)

  10. The idea of the bubble wrap is really nice!!! And your cake looks so yummy!!
    I will make it this week-end for my friends :)
    Love your blog :)

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  12. great find! you did an amazing job with your version too. I'm going to try this for my boyfriend's birthday in 2 weeks :)

  13. this is gorgeous.

  14. I'm so inspired by your baking! I'm totally in love with entremets omg. I cannot stop with the different layers and flavors. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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