Sunday, 7 February 2010

Black Sesame Tofu Cheesecake

I suddenly realised I have baked more but do less craft works.
Although there is a lot of recipe in this blog, I didn't intend to write a 'food' blog.
This blog is really my diary of interests; obviously I'm attracted to desserts lately.
I enjoy working in the kitchen more than I did 2 years ago.
I hated cooking back then, I thought it's a waste of time as I was bonded to my study.
Also, I didn't enjoy eating as much as I do now.
Now, I think food is great! Warm foods & sweet desserts comfort me after a long day of study.
Making desserts for my family & friends is a pleasure especially when they all love it.

Most recently I have been looking into desserts made of tofu.
I believe there are more recipes I can find through the internet, but I think tofu cheesecake is classic.
Another reason, my mother loves cheesecake! That's why I've made so many cheesecakes lately.
Last week, when I went back home, I made her a cheesecake with black sesame seeds.
I think black sesame is oriental; I can only get black sesame seeds from Chinatown.
And I haven’t seen any desserts made of black sesame seeds being sold here.
The cheesecake is smooth & light with aroma of black sesame.
Next thing in mind is chestnut cheesecake!
Recipe (6" round/6 ramekins):
30g unsalted butter, melted
70g digestive biscuit crumbs
1 tbsp black sesame seeds

Mix all ingredients & press into a pan/ramekins, refrigerate in a fridge.

Tofu cheesecake filling:
200g soft silken tofu
100g cream cheese
100g whipping cream
30g sugar
50g water
7g gelatine

Dissolve gelatin in water over simmering water.
Whisk cream cheese, tofu & sugar until smooth.
Whisk whipping cream to soft peaks, fold in the tofu cheese mixture until smooth.
Fold in the gelatine solution until smooth.
Pour into the prepared pan/ramekins then refrigerate to set.

Black sesame tofu cheese:
100g cream cheese
70g whipping cream
20g silken tofu
20g ground black
50g milk
30g water
5g gelatine

Dissolve the gelatin in water over simmering water.
In large bowl, whisk cream cheese, ground black sesame, milk, tofu & sugar until smooth.
Whisk the whipping cream to soft peaks, fold in the tofu cheese mixture.
Fold in the gelatine solution.
Pour over the tofu cheese then freeze to set.
Decorate with some black sesame seeds or as you like & serve.


  1. It's really very nice too!!!!

  2. One of the healthiest desserts ive made..a almost guilt free! good tofu flavour and its not too sweet (i used 50g of sugar instead) thanks for the recipe.:)

  3. I was wondering if you used firm or soft tofu? Love your blog by the way :)

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