Sunday, 23 September 2007

Ocean's Blue

I have made another bracelet, ready to be shipped to my friend in Malaysia. I was going to meet her in London but she won't have time after the trip to Europe. This bracelet would be the last one to be made as I run out of STS toggle clasps. I couldn't make anything before I order some new stocks as I particularly like to use toggle clasps (easier to use than trigger or lobster clasps).

I realised I haven't talked about why I have made many bracelets recently. First thing is bracelets are shorter compared to necklaces, hence easier to make. Plus, I have bought some good quality sterling silver wire 0.5mm, which is half hard. It's hard enough for these wire workings as I have used 0.5mm STS wire which was softer before, and I found it's too soft. Well, just get some experiences working with wire. Then, I would step forwards to make something more complicated.

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