Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Trip to Cornwall

I had a short break in Cornwall with my mother & brother last week.
My brother drove all the way to Penzance from Basildon & it took about 6 hours.
I can't drive because I don't have a license, felt lucky that I didn't need to drive.
When we arrived in Penzance, we're exhausted.
We unpacked everything at Shoreline guest house on the seaside & went out for a lunch in the town.

After lunch, we walked along the coast & then we drove to Land's End, the westest place in UK.
A great place with stunning scenery and natural splendour.
My brother also taught me how to take good photos, most of the photos here were taken & edited by him.

The 2nd day, the weather was not pleasant, it was cold & windy.
However, it didn't rain as heavily as expected by forecast.
We went to St. Michael's Mount, an amazing island with a castle built on the mountain.
When we climbed to the castle, we can see the whole coastline.

Later on, we drove back to Penzance for lunch.
We had a great lunch at The Honey Pot, a small cosy cafe with a good selection of homebaked cakes & foods.
After a short rest at the guest house, we drove to Cape Cornwall, the weather was getting worse.
It was very misty & we could hardly see.

The 3rd day was the last day of our trip at Cornwall.
The sky was cleared of clouds & the weather was much nicer.
In the early morning, we drove to Porthcurno beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cornwall.

The last stop was St. Ives before we headed back to Basildon.
St. Ives is one of the famous towns in Cornwall, beautiful town & seaside.

Finally, beautiful views on our way back to Basildon.

All photographs taken by Sei-Him Cheong & Yue and all rights reserved.

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