Sunday, 16 December 2012

Chocolate Cake Pops

Can't believe Christmas is one week later, it felt like times had gone so quickly.
When I think of last year Christmas, it's almost like it's yesterday.

Before Christmas, I've finally made some cake pops which I always want to try.
I wrapped the cake pops & macarons baked by Jenny with cellophane & ribbons, & turned into nice little Christmas presents :)

Chocolate Cake Pops:
250 g chocolate cake (from here)
100 g 70% chocolate
White chocolate
Lollipop sticks
Colourful sprinkles

Make chocolate cake into crumbs using an electric blender.
Melt chocolate over simmering water, blend with the chocolate cake crumbs.
Divide the cake batter into small portions (about 25 g each) & roll into round shape.
Refrigerate until firm.
Melt the white chocolate over simmering water.
Put lollipop stick into the cake balls, dip the them into the chocolate.
Coat with chocolate sprinkles & place onto cake pop stand to set.

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