Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Snow White

Simple and elegant necklace made especially for party or wedding, it's also great to be worn casually. I'm particularly interested in making jewelry that looks grand and elegant. Because, I always think of making them for my mother. She's a great mother and I want her to look great all the times. However, this one isn't really suit her, I think it suits someone youthful, yet elegant.

I don't keep the jewelry I made with me, instead I gave them to the friends around me and to my sisters as well. I didn't realise that until my brother asked me a week ago, he said I'm wasting time and money. Well, I don't think so as I get lots of fun and there is also a sense of fulfilment and achievement when I can make someone happy. Well, I haven't given this necklace to anybody as I haven't found its owner, so I might just keep the necklace until I find the right one.

As my course is very demanding, I don't have time drawing out the method, so if anyone interested in anything I made can e-mail me or leave me a message, then I'll try my best to help. I would certainly post it out on my blog if I draw out any method. I'll also try my best not to miss out too many posts.

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