Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend III ~ Osmanthus & Pinepple Squares

Photo taken by Sei-Him Cheong

Pineapple cake is so popular in Taiwan, almost every tourist is sure to get them as souvenirs, at least I did.

I have travelled to Taiwan twice, I bought boxes of pineapple cakes every time.
I wrote boxes, one for myself & couples for my family & friends.
People call it cake but actually it's more like a biscuit to me, not crispy but soft with a chewy pineapple filling.
I would rather call the ones I made pineapple squares, even though there're not perfect squares.

Photo taken by Sei-Him Cheong

This isn't the first time I make these, only adding osmanthus for a re-invention.
Yes, osmanthus again.
I have plenty of it to play around with.

Recipe (32 squares):
adapted from here (Chinese)

Osmanthus & pineapple filling:
570g canned pineapple
60g corn flour
100g sugar
2 tbsp dried osmanthus (optional)

Drain pineapple to remove the syrup, then blend all ingredients in a food processor.
Cook in a microwave for 5-8 min until thickened, stir in between of cooking.
Leave to cool.

Biscuit shell:
200g unsalted butter
1 egg
60g icing sugar
60g milk powder
75g corn flour
225g plain flour

Beat butter & icing sugar until pale & fluffy.
Add egg & beat until well combined.
Sift in all the flours & fold until just combined.
Divide the dough into 32 equal rounds.
Flatten the dough & wrap around the pineapple filling.
Arrange into a square mould or moulds of your choice, gently remove the dough from the moulds.
Place the dough on a baking tray & bake in a preheated oven at 175'C for 20 min until light brown.


  1. these cookie look very interesting but, can you explain what osmanthus is?

  2. lovely creation, have tried adding salt egg yolk into the pineapple filling?

  3. I've been looking for a good recipe for pineapple shortbread for a while (especially the filling); I'll definitely be trying this out sometime this summer. Thanks for sharing :).

  4. I am just in the right mood to make this! Waiting for my moulds to arrive now!

    PS: I really love your blog! :)

  5. I salute you! I have never thought anyone would make the Pineapple squares... I definitely need to bookmark this.

  6. M. :

    Osmanthus, more accurately Sweet Osmanthus, is dried flower commonly used in tea in China, just like Jasmine tea. However, it's less common in western countries.

    More detail on Wikipedia:

    Big Boys Oven:

    I haven't tried adding salted egg yolk as I think it'd be quite weird to me.

    unmacaronrose, Anh, Shirley @ Kokken 69:

    Thanks for your comments. Have fun making these yummy pineapple squares.



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