Saturday, 11 October 2008

Autumn's Fall

Photo taken by Cheong

My college has started  *___*
Although there are less lecture courses than last year, I've to start thinking what to do after my degree.
PhD or a job?
I think I'm more likely to apply for a PhD, maybe in my college.
Have a project proposal to hand in on 24th, so busy researching.
 I though I might have sometimes for my crafts but I don't think so now T___T
Well, I think at least 2 weeks I'm not making any jewelry, so might not renew my blog so often.

When I made this bracelet weeks ago, it's cold & raining.
Now it's sunny & a bit chilly.
My brother took the photo for me, he's launching his professional photography website soon.
I haven't seen his website but I've seen most of his photos.
They're great!
Can't wait to see the website.

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