Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend I ~ Jasmine & Lychee Cheesecake

Photo taken by Sei-Him Cheong

It was Bank Holiday weekend last week, so I decided to go home.
My mother has complaint she hasn't seen me for a while so I headed back to Basildon.
It was a very busy weekend.
I baked, went shopping, played with the dogs, had Dim-Sum with my sisters & watched a movie with my brother.
I spent most of the times in baking cakes & cookies for my family.
Also, my brother took all the photographs for me, he's much skilful, as seen from those photographs.
As I'm still tidying up the recipe & photos, I'll slowly post them on my blog.

Photo taken by Sei-Him Cheong

The first one I made was jasmine & lychee cheesecake.
This was the combination I always wanted to try but I waited until I got the silicone moulds I bought from ebay.
I bought 3 different silicone moulds: pyramid, hemisphere & rose.
Back to the cake, I've never used jasmine in dessert before, but it turned out great.
The subtle & floral jasmine with a refreshing sense of lychee.

Recipe (make 6 of 3'' x 3'' pyramids):
Almond cake base:
1 egg
24g sugar
10g plain flour
20g ground almond
8g sunflower oil

Preheat oven to 180'C then grease a 6'' x 9'' baking pan.
Whisk egg & sugar until fluffy & pale.
Fold in the flour, ground almond & finally the oil.
Pour into the prepared pan & bake for 10 - 15 min.
Cool on a wired rack.
Cut into 6 pieces of 3" x 3" square cake bases.

Lychee jelly:
50g canned lychee
50g syrup of canned lychee
2g gelatine

Blend lychees into puree then mix with the syrup.
Boil the syrup, add gelatine & stir to dissolve.
Divide into 6 pyramid moulds & freeze to set.
Once set, remove from the moulds for use.

Jasmine cheese mousse:
3 tbsp dried jasmine flowers
120ml hot water
100g cream cheese
140g whipping cream
45g sugar
6g gelatine

Soak the jasmine into hot water for 15 min, strain & reserve the jasmine tea; reserve some soaked jasmine flowers for decoration.
Add the gelatine to the jasmine tea, dissolve over boiling water.
In a small bowl, whisk cream cheese until smooth.
In a large bowl, whisk up the whipping cream with sugar.
Fold in the cream cheese, then the jasmine tea.

Fill the pyramid mould with jasmine mousse until 1/3 full, refrigerate to set.
Remove from the refrigerator, put lychee jelly in the middle, then cover with jasmine mousse.
Place a cake base on top & refrigerate to set.
After demould, decorate with jasmine flower or as you like.


  1. Hi Litto Bubbo,

    I'm in UK, don't know if it's helpful or not.

    I got the pyramid silicone mould from ebay but they also have an online shop in UK. I think they deliver worldwide.

  2. Hi Yue..
    Love your blog.. try this cake, but apparently the taste of jasmine is not strong enough.. Do you know what i can do to enrich the tea flavour?

    1. Sorry for late reply.
      I'm not sure if there is any jasmine essence, I think you can try doubling the amount of jasmine tea.

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