Saturday, 15 June 2013

City Walk in Turin

Night scenes at Piazza Castello
I went to Turin with my colleagues for a science conference in the end of May.
The science conference was held for 3 days & we got there 3 days earlier so that we could walk around the city.
I'm a loner so I didn't join my colleagues, instead I explored the city with my like-minded roommate.
Palazzo Madama, Mole Antonelliana
Piazza San Carlo, Eataly supermarket
Before arriving at Turin, I knew nothing about it, I still do.
I think it's a small city & not as pretty as other European cities I've been to, but it's a lovely & historical.
There're lots of museums, churches & palaces, 3 days weren't enough for us to visit all these places!
I adore Egyptian's culture & history so when I found out there was one, we went on a Saturday & it's very busy.
In addition to those landmarks & attractions, my like-minded colleague & I had tried some of the best food in Turin.
Garden inside Palazzo Madama
Museo Egizio
Restorante Sotto la Mole

Turin is rated one of the Top 10 places for chocolate by National Geographic.
As a chocoholic myself, I wouldn't miss it for the world.
We went to Cafe Baratti & Milano to try out the divine hot chocolate & bicerin - a layered concoction of coffee, hot chocolate and foamy milk, it tasted like mocha in my opinion.
One of Turin’s chocolate makers, Caffarel, combined hazelnut paste with milk chocolate - so called gianduja.
These chocolates are shaped like elongated triangles & wrapped in gold or silver foil.
Guido Gobino is one of the big names in chic chocolates in Turin, I also love the pistachio & chocolate ice creams. 
I had the pistachio ice cream again before I went back to London.
I left Turin with my pants feeling a bit tighter & a big smile on my face. 
Cafe Baratti & Milano - bicerin & hot chocolate
Guido Gobino
Real chiesa di San Lorenzo, Turin Cathedral
River Po, Restorante Manfretto
Restorante Pollastrini
Porta Palazzo market
Restorante Galante

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