Sunday, 28 September 2008

Graduation gift 2

Although I had a week off in Basildon with my family, I wasn't very free.
I've made some jewelries during the week.
Plus, I've received some books including the beads magazines I ordered online.
So, I was busy reading them.
Then, I went to London Fashion Weekend on Thursday with my brother.
My brother wanted to try on taking some fashion photos for catwalk.
It's a small show, plus I don't have much fashion sense, so not much to talk about.
There were some stalls selling jewelry, so I did get some ideas.

I know there's a bead fair today in Harrow, but I didn't go.
I've been to the show before, but I think it's always cheaper to get the beads & stones online.
Instead I went to Docklands having lunch with my family in a China restaurant by the river.

I'll work on the last graduation gift (3 in total) tomorrow.
I also receive a special order from my mother, 2 necklaces for her friends.
So, I've to work on the Christmas specials later.

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