Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter break + cosmetics DIY

I'm now on my Easter break, staying in Basildon for a week.
Then, back to London & hopefully finish my lab works.
Also have revisions for exams in May.

I'm in my final year of Chemistry now.
A bit worry about the future.
Well, I have applied for a Ph.D in my college but still...
I should just finish all my current works first...

About the picture, I've made a cleansing mousse for my sister this morning.
Actually, I've been making cleanser for my mother for years.
I picked up cosmetic making a few years ago, but I was more addicted to jewelry making.
So, I think not a lot of friends know this.
I know I have too many interests.
Sometimes, not enough times for more serious tasks like college works.
But, it does give me a sense of achievement.
It's particularly encouraging in this time when my current lab works failed.
Plus, it's so easy.
Just mix a few ingredients then I have a wonderful cleanser that lasts for months.
It also saves me some money from buying ^__^

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  1. Bowie, is that a beaker in the picture???



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