Saturday, 23 August 2008

Almond Choco Cookies

Finished work earlier yesterday due to an accident in the lab.
Someone broke a bottle of chemical, so the lab had to be closed.
It happened around 4 pm, so we just finished work earlier.
Accidents do happen in the lab, so when it happens we just learn from it.
So, I used my extra time to make some cookies again.
This is my favourite cookies.

1 egg
75g sugar
75g butter (unsalted)
100g plain flour
30g corn flour
25g cocoa powder
75g almond flakes

Butter (softened) + sugar, beat until fluffy & smooth.
Add egg, mix well.
Sift plain flour & corn flour in & mix well.
Add cocoa powder & mix well.
Add almond flakes, blend into a smooth dough, then make in a long roll.
Wrap with plastic film & refrigerate for 30 min until stiff.
Cut the roll into 0.5cm thick slices & bake at 170'C for 18 - 20 min.

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