Saturday, 27 June 2009

The End

It's the end of my Chemistry degree in Imperial College.
I can't say goodbye to Imperial as I'm staying to continue my study there.
I'll be doing a 4-year course in bioimaging.
Hopefully, I can cope with that.

I'm planning to work on my jewelry during the summer.
I don't tend to keep them as I rarely wear one.
So, there'll be more on sale on Etsy.
Plus, my broth
er is coming back to Basildon, he can take the photographs for me.
We've had a weekend last week in photography.
We've investigating in the lighting effect.
The photos are much prettier than those taken using my phone...

This is one of the photos taken then.
My brother is going to amend the photos for me.
Once they're done, new jewelries will be listed on Etsy soon with summer promotion.

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