Thursday, 29 July 2010

Lemon Cheesecake with Cherries in Red Wine

I made this cheesecake before I went to Paris on Sunday.
This was the first time I have made a lemon cheesecake, the recipe is simple & easy but the result is satisfactory.
The cheesecake is light & refreshing, coupled with the subtle taste of cherries.
This wasn't my original idea, I was inspired by Dear Pig (chinese) & used a simple yet delicious recipe for the lemon cheesecake.

The trip to Paris was great, we stayed there for 3 days & the weather was nice & sunny, not too hot though.
Although I have already been there once with my friends in the winter, this time I went in summer & I'd enjoyed French foods & cakes over there.
I'll post some photos later after my brother has sorted them out.

Recipe (8" round):
Cherries in Red Wine:
250g fresh cherries
50g red wine
40g sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice

Wash & dry the cherries, then cut into halves & remove the stones.
Mix all ingredients in a large pan & cook until cherries soften.
Remove from heating & set aside to cool.

Simple Lemon Cheesecake:
100g digestive biscuit crumbs
50g unsalted butter (melted)

Mix all ingredients & bake in a preheated oven at 150'C for 10-15 min or until dark brown.
Press into the round pan & refrigerate to set.

Lemon Cheese Filling:
300g cream cheese
350g whipping cream
1 lemon (juice)
50g sugar

Whisk cream cheese with sugar until smooth.
In a large bowl, whisk up the whipping cream & then fold in the cream cheese & lemon juice.
Pour into the prepared pan & refrigerate to set (2 hours to overnight).

Remove the cheesecake from the cake pan, cut & serve with cherries in red wine.

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