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I have to admit I was delighted when I completed the challenge to make this lovely dome-shaped cake.
I’ve had an urge to make this cake as it had been in my mind for 2 weeks.
I could have made this earlier but I didn’t really have times, plus this would make a lovely birthday cake for my mum.
I made a red wine poached pear mousse cake for my mum’s birthday last year & she wasn’t fond of it but this time she really likes this.

I wasn’t settled for the design even though I had the recipes & decorations drawn up.
I changed them as I was making it, that’s why I’d spent a whole day & it’s great I didn’t mess up the decoration, phew…
I almost did with the glaze, can’t really see it from the photos as I’d it covered by the strawberry lace tuiles.
The cake is composed of 6 components: 
1. white genoise
2. jasmine creme brûlée
3. jasmine & lychee jelly
4. jasmine & white chocolate mousse
5. lychee milk glaze
6. strawberry lace tuiles

Original design (bottom) & composition (above).

I named this cake Jasmin as there is a base note of jasmine with fragrant & sweet lychee, they work wonderfully together.
My mum loves it, my sister loves it  & I love it :)
There was one suggestion from my sister that I could use nappage neutre instead of the milk glaze, it might be easier to work with but I bet I still make a mess with that…

Recipe (8” dome-shaped):
Genoise Blanche (7” round)
120 g eggs (~2 eggs)
80 g sugar
67 g plain flour
13 g butter, melted
4 g milk

Preheat oven to 180C, line a parchment paper at bottom & butter the side.
Whip eggs with sugar to soft peaks, fold in flour.
Mix one part with butter until smooth then fold in the rest.
Fold in milk until smooth.
Bake for 15-20 min or until a skewer comes out clean.
Cool on a wired rack.
Créme Brûlée au Jasmin (7” round)
36 g egg yolks
2.5 g dried jasmine
25 g sugar
125 g double cream
63 g milk

Preheat oven to 150C.
Bring milk & cream to boil, once boil switch off heating, add jasmine tea & cook for 3 min then strain.
In a large bowl, whisk egg yolks & sugar until pale, slowly pour in the jasmine tea with constant stirring.
Bake in a hot water bath for 12-15 min or until the centre jiggles like jelly.
After cooling, freeze in a refrigerator for use later.
Gelée de Jasmin Litchi
1 tbsp dried jasmine
80 g canned lychee, chopped
90 g lychee syrup
40 g water
6 g gelatine leaves, bloomed in ice water

Line the dome-shaped mould with a piece of cling film, even at the bottom to remove air bubbles.
Bring water to boil, once boil switch off heating, add in jasmine tea, cook for 3 min & strain.
Add the bloomed gelatine & stir to dissolve.
Combine with lychee syrup & lychee.
Pour into the mould & refrigerate to set.
Mousse Chocolat Blanc Jasmine
114 g white chocolate, melted
4.8 g gelatine leaves, bloomed in ice water
12 g sugar
114 g milk
45 g egg yolks
300 g whipping cream, whipped up
7 g dried jasmine

Bring milk to boil, once boil switch off heating, add in jasmine tea, cook for 3 min & strain.
In a large bowl, whisk egg yolks & sugar, slowly pour in the hot jasmine milk, stirring constantly.
Return to heating & cook over low heat to ~82C, stir constantly while heating until it becomes thick.
Remove from heating, add in the bloomed gelatine & stir to dissolve.
Fold with melted chocolate & then fold with whipped cream.
Sirop au Jasmin
2 tbsp dried jasmine
2 tsp brandy
80 g water
2 tsp sugar

Bring water to boil, once boil switch off heating, add in jasmine tea, cook for 3 min & strain.
Combine with remaining ingredients.
Glacage Pour Jasmin
120 g whipping cream
100 g lychee syrup
30 g hot water
50 g glucose
6 g gelatine leaves, bloomed

Combine hot water, glucose & bloomed gelatine, stir until combine.
Add in the remaining ingredients & stir until incorporated.

Tuiles Lacet aux Fraises
15 g strawberry, smashed into puree
30 g sugar
10 g butter, melted
15 g plain flour
1-2 drops red food colouring

Preheat oven to 180C & line a parchment paper on an oven tray.
In a small bowl, combine all ingredients & stir until incorporated.
Spread it thinly with a spoon the tray.
Bake in the oven for 3-5 min.
It will bubbles in the oven & when cooling down, it’ll become hard & crispy.

Cut the genoise into 2 pieces (7” and 6”) & soak with generously amount of jasmine syrup.
Pipe in the white chocolate mousse, swirl around to cover the side & leave a hole.
Put the jasmine & lychee jelly, followed by 6” genoise, creme brûlée then 7” genoise in the middle.
Press slightly & spread the base evenly, refrigerate to firm up (3 hour or overnight).
Remove from the mould & put it on a wire rack, pour the glaze on top to cover the entire cake.
Cover the side with strawberry laces.
Cut strawberries & place at the top, sprinkles with golden lustre.


  1. beautiful! I love the drawing of the design :)

    1. i like the design too but ended up doing something different

  2. You know, you're a real artist. Not only you create beautiful cakes but your illustrations are just as incredible. Amazing work, as always.

    1. thanks, you're very kind :) I just love to draw & bake, sometimes I find myself have too much interests & not enough times...

  3. what a beautiful piece of art, very creative, and the flavor sounds wonderful too.

    1. thanks berry, this wasn't the first time I tried this combo & it's great :)
      by the way, i like your blog & food styling, nice & neat :)

  4. This one is truly looking one of the extreme source to know about some incredible cake recipe. The contents of this source are massively looking just exceptional about it. I am truly surprised to see that one. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful!

    1. thanks, like the photos on your blog

  6. Totally speechless! So gorgeous! I'm not even a baker but I love your site and another site called Lulu's Sweet Secret ( Do you know her blog? She's amazing just like you!

    1. Thanks Nami :) I don't know her but I just visited her blog, truly amazing :)

  7. This looks amazing, possibly above my skills level.
    I am trying to use Jasmine, my attempts with dried Jasmine have in the past not been so good, similar to scorching elderflowers in previous Bavoir . I know most of the essence's are fake. A single juvenile plant in the UK is £10 plus.
    Gordon Ramsay’s Coconut Jasmine Pannacotta with papaya ginger compote. I used orange blossom water, the end result was amazing. I would like to use Jasmine next time.
    Any advice welcome, possible suppliers maybe?

    1. I used jasmine tea pearls, the flavor is different from jasmine flowers, i find it to be stronger and more fragrant while jasmine flowers didn't stand out as well for me.

    2. jasmine pearl seems like a great idea, thanks for letting me know :)

  8. I just made this, but layer-cake version and it was absolutely sublime!! Very light and delicate flavors, everybody loved the subtle fragrance of jasmine laced with white chocolate and litchi. Thank you for a beautiful recipe.

    1. really glad you've tried the recipe & like it.

  9. i love your site very much,i am just a silent reader,you are very detail with your recipes and very kind to share the instruction thank you so much for the hard work you provide.god bless your kind heart.

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