Friday, 15 August 2008


Going to see the musical 'Les Miserable' on Tuesday.
This is the 1st time going to see musical in a theatre even though I've been to London for many times.
I know musicals generally take about 3 hours, hopefully I won't fall asleep~~~

I made this butterfly for my mother as a replacement.
I made her a yellow one before, but she lost it when she went to a casino months ago.
She met her friend (maybe not, just a person she knows) who got it in London airport.
She didn't get it back, instead she let her friend kept it...
Well, I think she's just too kind as the materials cost a bit as there're Swarovski crystals.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Yue
    Got yr blog from the Chinese beading forum. I love this butterfly pendant that you made for your mum. I also like to make one for my mum. Could u pls give me the threading path (not the table form, I can.t understand).



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