Monday, 25 August 2008

Graduation gift 1

I finally started working on the graduation gift last night & got it finished today.
I'm going to make 3 necklaces as my friends (Lan, Jessie & Lucy) graduation gifts.
I have received an e-mail from Lan saying that she's coming back for the ceremony in Oct.
Previously, I thought some of them might not come back for it.
Then, I'll have to send the gifts via post.

I also baked a light lemon cheesecake although I don't like cheese today.
It's for my mother as she likes to eat cheesecake.
I have also baked some biscuits over the weekend.
My brother just said I'm mad in baking but in fact I'm not.
I just like to eat home baked cookies rather the ones sold in shelves, so I just bake my own.

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